Purseonals: The Fendi petite 2Jours leather shopper

We’re back with another edition of Purseonals. This time, join me as I take a deep-dive into my collection and pull out one of my many cherished handbags: the Fendi petite 2Jours leather Shopper. though this style is slightly challenging to find brand new, it’s actually easily available on the resale market (and priced quite affordably!) –– and if you’ve read any of my recent posts, you know how much I love a preloved find.


The aesthetics of this handbag need little introduction. It features an lovable powder blue color, which in some cases may be risky, though I’ve had no issues. With a easy and clean silver-tone hardware finish at the top, and a small “Fendi” engraved logo on the far best side, this bag is as downplayed as they come, especially in today’s logo-loving climate.

I chose to get my handbag engraved at my local Fendi store in the Miami design district with my initials, “C.B.” Otherwise, the bag is pretty simple. Hardware across the handbag, from zippers to links, are silver-toned. There’s a detachable flat take on strap, in powder blue, with a buckle adjustment, as well as protective feet at the base, three compartments, and a snap closure at the top. thanks to its durable leather bottom portion, the bag preserves its boxy shape, whether or not I have it fully filled. though I’ve used it off and on for about two years, it still looks new, which is a big plus for me.

Another added reward is the ability to add a cool Fendi strap into the mix. While the powder blue is discrete, I can lock in a strap to add some extra pizzaz to the overall look (as comprehensive in the photos). I know what you’re probably thinking best now, though: They’re really expensive. I won’t argue with that statement, though I’ve bought all of my straps as consigned pieces. Retailing on average for about $1,100, the most I’ve ever paid is about $250. For me, the convenience, comfort, and added style that a Fendi strap brings is enough to justify the price, especially because I can mix and match them on numerous of my bags.

Usability + Functionality

I’ll admit this best off the bat: I have one qualm with the usability of this bag, and that is the lack of an overall top zipper. though there is one interior compartment, which features a zipper, as well as a top clasp, the bag itself is mostly open. say I’m walking inside a congested mall or on a busy street, I certainly find myself clutching the bag closer to me than I would if it was fully zipped up and closed.

Otherwise, the functionality of this style is an all-around win. Don’t confuse its small size (hence the “petite” in the name) for its ability to hold a lot of stuff. even better, the top handles and crossbody strap allow for various kinds of wear. In much more upscale settings, I hold it by the handles; but during a casual errand run, I roam hands-free with the crossbody (or Fendi shoulder) strap. It’s a true multi-wear bag.

Quality + Construction

As mentioned earlier, the bag stands up and preserves its shape all on its own. having bought numerous bags in the last few years, I can’t say the same for many of them. (Westchnienie.)

I’m a huge proponent of Fendi leather too, including soft calfskin. though I was concerned the leather would scratch, I can happily report the bag is still in immaculate condition, after countless wears.

For the common price of a Fendi bag (give or take $2,000 to $3,500), I certainly think the quality of the leather and hardware is above average. This isn’t my only Fendi (I have a soft calfskin video camera bag and a handful of straps), which leads me to believe this standard of quality is maintained throughout the entire brand.

Price + Value

Years after purchasing this bag, I’m still very delighted with it. though I will admit, I did not purchase it for its resale power. As I briefly stated earlier, this bag is easily available on a handful of online consignment sites, including the RealReal, Fashionphile, and Yoogi’s Closet. bearing in mind overall condition, they average about $600 to $800, though the bag original retailed for just under $2,000.

There are pros and cons to this. If you’re searching for a dependable luxury find without breaking the bank, you can search the web and find a similar style to mine for about a quarter of the original cost. If you’re searching for an investment piece, this is not that. (Most bags aren’t, though. That’s a story for another day!)

Staying Power

Going off what I just discussed, I think this bag’s staying power is mixed. Fendi can stand the test of time, but this particular style is pretty much discontinued (unless purchasing on a consignment site). There are other similar styles to the 2Jours that are available to purchase brand new on the Fendi site, including the classic Peekaboo line.

Either way, I don’t think you can go wrong with a Fendi purchase – new or old though. especially a bag like the 2Jours, which is preTty ponadczasowe pod względem kształtu i koloru.

Ogólna ocena

Ponieważ wielu z nas nadal kwestionuje, czy kupowanie luksusowych torb od niektórych marek jest tego warte, Fendi jest.

Od 1925 r. Włoski dom mody wyprodukował jedne z najważniejszych trendów worków, jakie świat kiedykolwiek widział. W rzeczywistości Karl Lagerfeld stworzył fendiego teraz logo, „Double F” i nie było długo potem, dopóki marka nie została odebrana przez Marvina Trauba, prezesa Bloomingdale, przynosząc Fendi do USA po raz pierwszy . Od torby szpiegowskiej po bagietkę, Fendi praktycznie odniósł rekordowy sukces w świecie mody – i nie ma śladu spowolnienia.

Uważam, że oprócz jego piętrowej przeszłości Fendi tworzy jedne z najlepszej jakości toreb na rynku, niezależnie od tego, czy zdecydujesz się na wysyłane 2 jour, czy nowszy styl, taki jak Peekaboo.

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